All About Me

Hello! My name is Da’Janai Thompson and I’m currently spending Summer 2019 in the Empowered program. I am in high school and this is my first job. I am the eldest of five kids and I have a dog named Precious. (She’s old)

I often spend my spare time listening to music and writing stuff. Stuff as in music, poetry, or just whatever I’m thinking or feeling at the moment. I also like to draw. I think I’m pretty good. I’m also very interested in the art field. Film, painting, music, all of it. 

When I get older, I want to either be a  producer, an OB/GYN,  or a musical therapist. I’m not sure what I want to do specifically, but I know I want to help people. That’s my ultimate goal in life.

Well, it’s nice to meet you. Please enjoy your stay and have fun! ~Da’Janai