Coming To An End

Week #5 of Empowered. I am gonna miss everyone. They are all so nice and kind. I have also decided that code isn’t that bad. I’m currently working on my client’s website logo (Created by me) It’s going to be in 3D and Ms.Angelica is going to print it out at the LVL Building. I’m looking forward to that. I also kinda nervous about presenting my work to everyone on Wednesday next week. But, I’m also excited. I get to show off what I did. Who would pass up an opportunity to brag? Not me.

Anyways, I’m excited and nervous and a bit sad. But, as someone once said, “All good things must come to an end.” I’m very fortunate to have been given the chance in the first place. I’ve learned so much and had so much fun. I can’t wait to come back one day.

I might even come as a speaker…

Chill Week

Back again. This week was pretty chill. I don’t know what to write really. I can’t remember anything, unfortunately, but I’m sure it was a great week. I know it was. I bet it was a fantastic week. I just wish I could remember something…

Empowerment at it’s finest

This week was short but sweet. We went down to the LVL1- Louisville hackerspace and talked to Attica Scott. It was very inspiring to see a woman of color, a black woman to be more specific, to hold a high power and to push through boundaries. We also talked to Anjali’s mom which was cool as well. I didn’t know her Mother owned this company. It’s so empowering to see women of color hold such high positions. It makes me feel like I can make the same achievements too. Or more honestly.

Hello WordPress!

Week 3 at Empowered

Chill, as usual. Treehouse is officially getting the side-eye. Not only is it acting up, but it also’s boring and it’s not saving my work. We’re on WordPress now so, I’m good. WordPress is starting to act up as well. It’s still cool though. The customization, the adding of audio files, the blogging. I dig it. 

So far, so good.>Treehouse

Week #2 at Empowered

Week 2 at Empowered was fun. Well, Treehouse wasn’t fun. It was acting up and it gave me a headache. Other than that, everyone here is pretty cool. I’ve started to talk more and careless. Which is a good thing? I’m not sure. Either way, I’m always down for improvement. I’m also trying to stay positive about Treehouse. Everyone always speaks down on it and I’m trying not to be so negative about it. Other than that, I’m great.

My First Blog

Blog Entry #1

My first week at Empowered. Well, the first two days. I joined the Empowered group on Wednesday. So far, so good. Everyone is very kind and laid back. Treehouse is pretty boring, but not hard. Our leaders, all super nice, are also laid back and cool. I’m enjoying our conference room chats. It helps us get to know each other a bit more, despite me being super shy. I enjoy the freedom and the help they give us. As I said earlier, so far so good. One week is done and six to go. I think.